Buying a Home

Get THOUSANDS in real estate buying power, free.

With thousands of Realtors desperate for business, why should you Alex Baglioni to
purchase your new home? Here are some key points as to how you will benefit from using
his expertise in purchasing your new home.
Alex is the only agent that can help you find a property several thousands higher than
your regular prequalification letter. He has created, developed and soon available to
license to other realtors a patent pending system that allows you to identify more
expensive properties and still have the same monthly payment than much lesser
expensive properties. Watch the above video for a better understanding, and book
your appointment today!

Alex has also created an innovative system that he has been using for the past 17
years that allows you to find the best home / best deal in the market the first day you
go out to see properties. This system is also being developed to be licensed and
soon be available to all agent Nationwide. Sixty percent of all Alex’s clients find their
home the first day, twenty percent within the first week, and twenty percent do not buy.

He is an Certified Negotiation Expert. But much more so than a mere certification, with
17 years of experience and two digit negotiations each and every month, you can
imagine that “he has been there, done that” and knows how to get the property you
want, for the least possible price. His negotiation skills are only compared to the top
agents in the Nation.

Alex normally sells in one month, what 90% of all other agents sell in two to three
year’s time. He has been the number one RE/MAX agent in Florida in 2010 and 2014.
He was also #1 in Broward County, based on all 2012 closed sales. This means more
experience, more knowledge, more solutions and better advice that will lead you to
make better decisions.

Unlike most agents, Alex will take the time to meet you, hear your needs, analyze the
different alternatives you have to get what you want, and present them to you in a
very matter of fact way. With vast knowledge about mortgage, title, real estate
brokerage and working in the tri-county area, he is able to identify where the best
deals for your are and lead you in the right direction.

He works with the same database that every other agent works – the MLS, and all of
his listings are in that database. The difference between the agents is not the title,
certifications or the inventory. The difference is the know-how, the knowledge the
agent has to assist you in getting what you want. Closing transactions in three digit
quantities year after year, you can be rest-assured that he knows how to get what you
want, and if what you want is not possible, he will let you know too.

Alex is the Broker / Owner of RE/MAX Performance – the highest authority in a real
estate company. He is also a Licensed Title Agent, a Certified Negotiation Expert, a
Certified Distressed Property Expert, and an REO Specialist.

He offers you real estate brokerage, mortgage, and title. He assists you in getting the
cheapest hazard & flood insurance, as well as advise you on how to select the best
home inspector. We walk you through all the way to the closing table.

Alex can get you approved significantly higher than your bank. Most banks will
approve you based on a 36% front and 43% back end ratios. Our lender will approve
you at 46.99% front and 55.99% back end ratios. This means substantially higher
purchasing power.

Even though there are a little over 40,000 real estate agents in the tri-county area
(down from 73,000 in 2006) Alex offers you unmatched services that 99% of them
only wish they could offer. Not all agents are the same! We sincerely appreciate your
business, we are great at what we do, and it shows. But, talk is cheap. Let us prove it
to you.

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