Performance Guarantee

When you hire a real estate agent, you speak with that agent about selling your house,
why you are selling, and where you are moving. However, there is such thing as an
agent being overly fabulous. So nice that he or she may be using her personality to
cover up for her lack of experience and knowledge.

You may have a best friend as your agent, but if your house fails to sell after six
months, what is going to happen to that friendship? Another cup of coffee but no
money in the bank.

The truth is that nine out of ten agents will sell less than seven houses for the entire
calendar year, and that the things you had in common are called “getting rapport” with
a prospect.

You are the prospect.

Statistics from May 2013 prove there were 2,132 expired listings in the MLS
system for the  tri-county area (Dade, Broward & Palm Beach), and 29,447 expired
listings for the year  2012.
An expired listing is a property that has failed to sell after
the listing term is over.

However, when you hire Alex, you will never have this problem. He believes in
accountability and puts his money where his mouth is, guaranteeing in writing that your
property will be sold in 39 days or less. See the Performance Guarantee Addendum for
more details, or give us a call at 954-765-6567.

Anybody can give away property, because it is not truly selling if they give it away at a
lower price than deserved. Underpricing a property is never used by Alex as a strategy
in selling fast. This goes against the golden rule to treat others as you wish to be

With a fast sale comes efficient  and thorough marketing preceding it. Welcome to the
Marketing Madness Plan with Alex Baglioni. This is all about selling your property faster
at or above market price.

As stated before, this process is efficient as well as thorough; therefore, we never
desperately rush this important marketing process. If a property is properly priced,
conditioned and marketed, it will sell in less than 21 days. Thirty nine days is having a
cushion to insure that the Performance Guarantee penalty does not take effect. Should
you want to take longer to close, we will find the buyer and negotiate your desired
closing date.

There are some restrictions to this Performance Guarantee that must be noted. The
property has to be priced for what it is worth, No showing can be missed. For  real
estate over $350,000.00, the term is 99 days, as they take longer to sell due to income
restrictions people may have.

Performance Guarantee does not apply to condominiums, coops, and over 55
communities. These type of properties also take longer to sell. Nevertheless, we do list
and sell these properties; however, without the Performance Guarantee.

This is in writing as an amendment to the Listing Agreement.

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