Selling Your House with Alex

Here is my mission, promise & guarantee:

I will sell your home for the most amount of money, in the shortest amount of time, with
the least amount of aggravation, and I will do so in 39 days or less, or I will sell it for
free!* From the day your home enters into the market, it is guaranteed to be sold within
39 days. It’s in writing!

You get the #1 RE/MAX agent in Broward County, and in the top ten of all Florida
working on your behalf, which means more experience and resources to handle
problems, better terms for you, and more money in your pocket.

Money is hard to come by, so get a top agent and maximize your returns. You will only
sell a few houses throughout your lifetime, and each time a significant amount of money
is being transferred. Quite often, when you talk big numbers, “small” numbers are
being left on the table unnecessarily by following the wrong “expert” advice; which
leads you to make wrong decisions. Good advice leads you to make good decisions. I
provide good advice, and everything matters in your favor, even the small amounts.
Call me today, just dial 954-765-6567 or send me an email at

The standard board approved listing agreement locks you into a contract, and you can
not get out of it until it expires, normally six to nine months. However, I give you the
freedom from this time period. Ask me about my Easy Exit Listing Agreement. I am
confident with what I can do for you, and honest with your money.

Get a FREE High Definition Movie of your home, or professional pictures taken of your
home! They go into virtually every real estate website. Your home will be shown 24
hours/day, seven days a week, all over the world. The result? I have literally sold
several properties sight unseen to overseas and out of town buyers exclusively using
this technology. Call me today, just dial 954-765-6567 or send me an email at

My Ultimate 87 Point Marketing Madness Plan is what makes your home sold fast & for
top dollar! And it is madness…but it sells. The concept is to hit the market, fast, with
everything we’ve got, before your home becomes stagnate. Time is money, and this
Ultimate Marketing Madness Plan & Strategy is aggressive and consistently delivers
the results we both seek.

One of the biggest and most common complaints from sellers about agents is the lack
of communication or progress in the sale of their house. You do not have to worry
about that with me. Communication is top priority in the process of every transaction,
prior to the sale, and your satisfaction afterwards. A Communication Guarantee
assures that you will always be INFORMED of what is going on with the sale of your

We are talking savings here, thousands during negotiations! While selling at full asking
price is my standard, negotiating for the buyer to use our mortgage & title company is
a necessary art.

Normally, the buyer selects the mortgage company, and that mortgage company orders
an appraisal from a random choice of appraisers. If that appraiser is not experienced,
or biased in any way, your property value in the appraisal could be less than the
contract price. In this situation, you are being obligated to reduce the price of the
property, or to kill the transaction and lose the sale.

No-one can “control” the appraiser, however, by using over and over the same
mortgage company that hires the same experienced appraisers (if the possibility of
appraising your home for the contract price is there) the appraisal price will come back
with it as well.

This saves you THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of dollars that otherwise you would
“give” to the buyer by “reducing” the price to the appraisal price. Nice huh? Call me
today, just dial 954-765-6567 or send me an email at

No Advanced Fees of Any Kind! You do not have to pay anything to hire me, and the
only time that a fee will be due is at closing. No closing = no fees! Essentially, you only
pay a commission if I procure an offer that is acceptable to you!

Your house will be SOLD AS-IS! You save the money for any repairs, which normally
are 1.5% of the purchase price. I will negotiate to sell the home in its as-is condition.
As-is means that you will not have to deal with any repairs – or money for repairs – after
the inspection is done. This represents $4,500.00 on a $300,000.00 home!

No pressure to sign any contract! I will never allow you to be pressured by anyone to
sign a contract. All offers will be faxed, emailed or delivered to my office and will be
presented to you by phone, along with email and using digital signatures. You will be
able to make your decisions thinking clearly, privately and without pressure.

You work with me and my staff! This gives you multiple contacts for different tasks,
allowing you to always get answers when you wanted, and not just when I am available.

I am a multi-cultural agent that constantly works with international cash buyers mainly
from North America, South America and Europe. I am fortunate to have the ability to be
able to relate to multiple cultures. This gives you the advantage of selling your home to
buyers that pay cash, and that do not have an appraisal contingency. Call me today,
just dial 954-765-6567 or send me an email at

I offer unmatched services that 99% of other agents only wish they could offer. Not all
presidents are the same, not all salespeople are the same, and definitely not all agents
are the same! Don’t hesitate to give me a call today! Just dial 954-765-6567 or send
me an email at

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