Can you find your dream home right away?

A revolutionary fool proof method proves that once the method is implemented, you will
find your dream home and the best real estate deal out there for you, normally in just
one day.

A dream home is defined as the feeling you will get in your stomach that “this is it”. No
real estate agent or broker can “talk to you” into having this feeling. This is something
you feel when you are pulling into the driveway, and within the first 10 seconds of
opening the front door. The rest of the time looking at the house will be to “verify” that
this unique piece of real estate is in fact, your dream house and a real estate bargain.

Since March 2015, Alex has had 80% accuracy using the method. This means that if
you meet with Alex, your real estate search will likely be over, and one of two things will

1. You will go out the next day and find one to three homes that you absolutely love and
will be “real” real estate bargains. Your real estate home buying search will be over. We
achieve this by using a special proprietary software “Turboagent” created, patented
and developed by Alex. It gives you an unparalleled advantage over other buyers
identifying the best deals on the market within your budget.

2. You will realize that it may not make sense for you to move, that you may not qualify
for the loan you want, that you need or want to save more money or improve your
credit, or that you may need to relocate to another area to get what you want. And your
real estate search in Broward, Dade and Palm Beach counties will be over.

No matter what the outcome is, your real estate search will be finished. We look forward
to assisting you with your real estate and financing needs.

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Can you find your dream home right away?

Recent Testimonials
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Alex was great! Alex found us a house in one day and had an executed contract done
and signed within the next 24 hours. During the period of time we were waiting to close,
he was super patience with my husband and I. We are first time homebuyers and had
tons of questions. He always returned our phone calls to answer them. Now that we
have closed we are super satisfied with what Alex did for us. I’m definitely looking
forward to working with him again. He will be the person I call to sell our house in the
future. Thanks Alex for working so hard for us! We can’t wait to move it!!
Alissa Steckler – Tamarac, FL

Awesome, Awesome experience in buying a home! Alex was a true professional
throughout the entire process. He did exactly what he said he was go from the start.
After we found the home we wanted he worked his negotiating skills to get thousands
off the asking price and our entire closing costs paid for! His staff is super nice and
there to work for you. I would recommend Alex Baglioni to anyone who wants the most
professional and knowledgeable Real Estate Agent in the market! Great Job Alex and
Marc Heiberg – Coral Springs, FL

Working with Alex was awesome! What he told us that he will help us find a house and
get use approved is truly true. We meet at his office with documentation he requesed,
we got pre approved saw homes we were interested in and on the 2nd day we were
already looking at houses.One home we saw we fell in love with and we told Alex this is
home we wanted. Alex executed our contract done and signed within the next 24 hours.
During the process Alex lead they way. Alex worked super hard for us and 45 days later
we closed on our home. We’re super excited with Alex and now are proud
homeowners. Also Freddie was fantastic. He also help us. It was a smooth process.
I will recommend Alex to anyone looking for a home. Thank you,
Osmeidi and Rafferty Rivera, Pembroke Pines, FL

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