Communication Guarantee

“I never heard back from my agent” The biggest complaint sellers have against agents
is in lack of communication. “He took my listing, and I never heard back from him. Then
he has the courage to call me almost six months later to extend the listing agreement!”

Statistics from May 2013 prove there were 2,132 expired listings in the MLS system for
the tri-county area (Dade, Broward & Palm Beach), and 29,447 expired listings for the
year 2012. An expired listing is a property that has failed to sell after the listing term is
over, and you can safely assume that a expired listing seller is a dissatisfied seller.

After looking at the above statistics, it is of no wonder why real estate agents have such
a bad reputation. Thirty thousand sellers in a years’ time! That’s a lot! Even in today’s
market; 2,132 expired listings for May 2013! And their biggest complaint is lack of

With Alex, you will not have an issue. He will personally call you once a week to report
what is going on with your house, the showings, the feedback, and what is being done
to get it sold. When you want to talk to Alex, he will answer the phone or call back.

If you feel that you would like something in writing, you will receive the Communication
Guarantee, which simply states that if we fail to call you at least once a week, you have
the right to unconditionally cancel the listing agreement. Either way, we want to sell your
house so we must communicate with you.

Showings are coordinated seven days a week. Office hours are Mon- Fri 10:00 am until
7:00 pm, and that is when the bulk of the communication takes place. Quite often Alex
continues working via email, sometimes up until 10:00 or 11:00 pm. Weekends are for
families, but if you feel you have an issue that cannot wait until Monday or next day, you
will have Alex’s cell phone number and by all means, feel free to call him.

We have something in common that everybody wants: your house sold, fast, and for
top dollar. This can be achieved if we sync our efforts, and communication is a big part
of it.

Fair enough?

This is how to get it started. Call at 954-765-6567

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