Home Decoration

Re-arrange your house to get more in your pocket! I have seen it over and over again,
and the difference in market response is huge. So it is what the buyers are willing to
pay for your house. Would you re-arrange your house to get an additional $10,000.00,
and to sell right away?

Believe it or not, decoration and “feelings” are what sell a home; not upgrades or
features. Your job as the seller is to create a “peace of mind feeling” to the buyer so
that, by buying your house, they will have a repair-free, spacious, light & bright, happy
neat home for the rest of their life. How do you achieve this? By appealing to the five
senses we possess.

The more senses you appeal to with the pictures, video and showings, the better off
you are going to be in achieving the best possible price in selling your home. We are
going to talk about the sense of “sight” sense, and how you need to decorate your
home. You can also read more about the senses in selling on my Showings page.

The concept with sight is simple. You have to eliminate as many reasons as possible for
buyers to pass you by. Make the house look bigger, brighter, clean, and problem free.
In turn, you will find a buyer that will be willing to pay full market value or more for your

Here are ten simple things that can help you sell your house for more:

1) SPIFF UP EXTERIOR: Take care of the lawn, the landscaping, keeping the front
steps and driveway pressure cleaned, even adding on some decorative plants. All of
this is designed to create a good first impression.

2) ADD EXTERIOR LIGHTS: More often than not, if somebody is thinking about buying
your home, they will drive by at night. You want your home to be presentable and to
look good night and day.

3) SPOTLESS FRONT DOOR: Make sure it is freshly painted and free from all stains.
Get a shiny new handle. Make a good first impression.

4) TOUCH UP PAINT: Door frames and doors outside. Change the color paint to
neutrals or beige. Avoid deep or bright colors such as blue, red and the like. Bright
colors usually detract rather than attract buyers.

5) DE-CLUTTER: De-clutter the house, pick up, tidy up, in selling a home makes a huge
difference. Do so even in your refrigerator—get rid of all magnets, calendars, kids
artwork and the like. It sounds easy, but it is going to take a couple of Saturdays, a
couple of Sundays and some determination to really de-clutter your home. The good
news is that if you are hiring me to sell your home, you have to do this anyway. You are

6) RE-ARRANGE FURNITURE: Make the house look bigger, get rid of furniture you do
not use or that makes the look room small. Rent-a-Center has small furniture for rent
on a monthly basis, and it is not expensive considering how much extra you are going
to get, and that you will only need it for a month.

7) DEEP CLEAN: Scrub everything, get all the dirt and grime out of there, and once you
do that, you have to stay on top of it.

8) PLACE AIR FRESHENERS: At least three. One by the entrance, one by the kitchen,
and another one by the master. Plug ins are easy and inexpensive.

9) STRAIGHTEN UP THE GARAGE: Throw away what you don’t need, reorganize what
is left. 800-PackRat will put a container in your driveway that gets transported to your
new home. Create a sense of space and cleanliness there.

10) KEEP THE A/C AT 73. Specially during summer, you must showcase the
functionality of your air conditioning unit. This is a very big issue for most first time

Here is the Proof!

The client below, their buyer agreed to pay $7,000.00 above appraisal value, and
bought the property as-is. Can you spot the difference in value of the same house in
different before and after videos? I do not think my client even spent $500.00 in

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