Listing Real Estate with Alex

Sell at Full Appraisal Value or More
We do not underprice a property to sell it faster. We are driven to sell it for what it is
worth, and quite often more! Every single closed sale in your neighborhood will be
provided and compared to your house using appraisal principles. Your house will be
sold for the same price as the highest closed sale of a similar house in your

Guaranteed Sold in 39 Days or Less
We guarantee in writing that your property will be under contract in 39 days or less.
How do we do this? We have a efficient and proven Marketing Madness Plan & Strategy
that consistently sells property in record time at or above market price. Call for details.

No Upfront Fees
There is absolutely no fee payable upfront. Only if we sell your house for the agreed
terms and price, we will be able to earn our living. Otherwise it’s FREE!

Outstanding Exposure
“OMG Alex! Our house is everywhere!” The Alex Baglioni Marketing Madness Plan is
what makes us sell real estate three times faster than other agents, and for the above
market value price. No other real estate company offers this type of publicity.

Reaching Domestic and International Buyers
With domestic and international connections in North, Central, and South America, as
well as Europe, Alex’s referrals are a non stop influx of cash buyers throughout the
year. Alex multi-cultural background plus the ability to several languages, gives you the
advantage of reaching international markets that otherwise you would not be able to

Last year, Alex was the #1 RE/MAX real estate agent in Broward County based on 2012
closed sales, #10 in the State of Florida based on the same. He was also ranked #1 in
the entire state on July 2010. Learn about his experience.

Restrictions apply. See listing agreement for details. Listing agreement prevails over
marketing material.

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