Property Insurance

You are going to need hazard insurance for your new home, and possibly flood and
windstorm insurance depending on where you buy. Your premium will be a part of your
monthly payment unless you are putting 20% down and electing not to escrow for taxes
and insurance. The premium will depend on a number of factors. Within those factors
will be the company you choose, the discounts / credits you get and the coverage you

The difference in premiums between one company and another could be up to 50% for
the same property. For a $300,000.00 property you could pay as little as $2,250.00
while most of South Florida pays around $4,500.00. If you are not prepared you are
likely to overpay by 100%

As one of my real estate or mortgage clients, I will guide you on how to shop for
insurance. I will tell you what to do, what to say, where to look so you end up paying
$2,250.00 instead of the $4,500.00 for the next 30 years – $67,500.00 in savings.

Order my FREE report and find out ahead of time what you will need to do to save up to
50% on your insurance premium. This will significantly reduce your monthly payment.
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