Showing Your Home

Preparing your house to sell it for more:

We spend a great deal of money & time marketing your home to attract buyers. As
long as your house is being shown, our job is getting done. Once the buyer is in your
house, the price, condition and overall ‘feeling” is what is going to make the sale. And
you control two of those three!

It is really important that you follow these recommendations, so you have a chance at
selling faster and for more money.

Before Showings:

Stage the home; especially if it’s empty. You can go to a Rent-a-Center. They
deliver and assemble, and pick up and disassemble for you. You can rent for 30
days at a time, and it is fairly inexpensive. You will be appealing to the sight

Have the air conditioning set at 73 degrees or lower, or if this is too low, no
higher than 75. Agents and buyers appreciate a “refreshing” house, especially
during summer. You will be appealing to the feeling sense.


A foul smell is one the biggest turn offs for buyers; and much more so than a mess. A
house with a bad smell will yield no offers or very low priced ones. I have literally run
away from houses with terrible smells coupled with hot dense air.

If you are a smoker, consider painting the house and replacing the carpet. Even
when you smoke by the patio, the smell stays. Smoke in the yard and away from
the house. By doing this, you will prevent low ball offers and you will sell at
market value, versus selling below.

Install plug-in air fresheners in foyer, kitchen, master, & living room. You will be
appealing to the smell sense.

Sight Sense:

Re-decorate, de-clutter and re-arrange.
Remove the entire clutter and most picture frames! Rent a storage place and
start packing; you are moving! Remove the exposed boxes ASAP!
Tidy and clean up!
Make it look ‘light and bright”. Change the light bulbs for the highest voltage and
leave some lights on during the day. Leave all blinds open.
If you believe you have “cool-features” that could ad perceived value to your
home, write them down on a stick-it or type them on the computer, print
them and post them next to the item. Example: “New a/c installed last year”
on a note placed next to the a/c thermostat.

During Showings:

Do not be present. Take the kids and the pets for a walk.
Do not have the TV On.
If you must be there, and you are asked about price, closing date, paying closing
costs or the like, simply answer “you have to talk to Alex”
Play classical or smooth jazz music during showings, and when you are not home
in the event of a last minute showing. You will be appealing to the hearing sense.
Buy some mints or chocolate cookies and water and leave them on a plate with a
note in the kitchen: “Please take one” or “Please enjoy some fresh water”.
This is an easy way to get someone more time in your house appreciating
things that otherwise they would have not. You will be appealing to the
taste sense.

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