At BAGLIONI REALSTATE we work closely with our financing partner, BLEUCASTLE LENDING, which enables us to provide you with all kinds of obtainable lending programs to help you get the property you want.

Available types of financing are:

  • Stated Income Loans for investment properties.
  • 24 Month Bank Statement Program used as income (business or personal).
  • Foreign National Loans.
  • No questions asked loans for investment properties.
  • FHA with most closing costs paid when in using both Housemart Realty and Bluecastle Lending.
  • VA with most closing costs paid when using both Housemart Realty and Bluecastle Lending.
  • 5% Conventional loans with or without PMI.
  • Proprietary software allows you to identify properties with an extra $50,000.00 in real estate buying power without increasing your monthly payment.

Over the past 19 years I have encountered countless people that could qualify for a loan but did not have all the money they needed to buy a house. The settlement charges (closing costs) add up to be a lot.

As a rule of thumb, settlement charges usually are 6% of the sales price for FHA & VA loans, and 4% for Conventional loans. In addition to these fees, borrowers have to come up with the funds for the down payment: 3.5% for FHA, 5% to 20% for conventional loans and $0.00 for VA. The total cash a borrower normally needs to buy a house is 6% of the sales price for VA loan, 9.5% for FHA loans, and 24% for a Conventional 20% down loan. For a $300,000.00 house you normally need $18,000.00 for a VA loan and $28,500.00 for an FHA loan.

Working in conjunction of Bluecastle Lending LLC – a company I own, I have created a program that is now being offered to all Housemart Realty clients. Buy a house with Housemart Realty and finance it through Bluecastle Lending and get most of the closing costs paid for you for FHA and VA loans. This is offered for a limited time only and restrictions apply. See some examples on my blog page or you can order a FREE report.

Call Mo – Fr 954-765-6567 to find out more information.


Improving Your Credit Score

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Useful Websites

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Cash to Close

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