Alvin and Suzette Marajh

Hi our name are Alvin and Suzette we are from the island of Trinidad and now live in the city of coral springs florida . Off and  on we have been looking for a house to call our own for our family . After a terrible thing happen at our apartment complex .
We decide to start looking again coming across a house we like , call the number and getting the office of Alex Bagloini voice  mail. In about two hours we got a call back ,on the other side of the line was this guy call Freddy who told us the house was  available and will like us to come in by the time we set a date for that the house was gone. We still attended the time schedule and that is where we meet Alex a guy who we like for being honest and straight forward with us so we selected 10 properties  for the next week,went and see them and fell in love with one but that was the case we though that it was to far to move from  our comfort zone so we saw one more property the we had like put in an offer which did not come true it was disappointing .
So we came to an decision to put an offer on the first house we feel in love with and the Seller accepted it. The only thing we  was worried about is to get qualified for the loan which we did . We are very happy that we had use Alex as our realtor he a great person and keep his word if he says he will get you a home he will he is awesome like that thank you for that. Two things  of advise if you are look to buy a home Alex is the man and when buying make sure the you stay on top of all document he ask for it will make things easier it did for me. Thank you Alex and your term you guys are the best.